How to Prevent Thinning Eyelashes – For women, thick and curled eyelashes can be one way to support their appearance. In order for your lashes to look beautiful, you can use various products such as mascara to fake lashes.

How to Prevent Thinning Eyelashes

Unfortunately, these solutions are only temporary. In fact, there is a possibility that your lashes are getting thinner due to not being cared for properly. According to experts from PT. Sung Shim International, one of Indonesia’s Eyelashes Manufacturer, here are some things you should pay attention to to prevent your lashes from thinning.

  1. Stop rubbing your eyes

The habit of rubbing your eyes is hard to stop. However, this habit turns out to have a bad effect on the lashes. Too often rubbing your eyes can make your lashes fall out quickly. In addition, lashes take a long time to grow back. In addition, the area under the eyes is a sensitive area. The more often you rub your eyes, the faster your eye area will wrinkle.

  1. Do not wear mascara too often

For those of you who have thin lashes, mascara is a shortcut to make your lashes curled. However, mascara also contains chemicals that can worsen the condition of lashes. As much as possible, avoid using mascara too often.

  1. Use a special eye makeup remover

Regular makeup remover can actually be bad for the condition of the lashes. Likewise, if you clean eye makeup with soap and water. Use a makeup remover that is specifically for the eyes. These cleansers are usually much gentler on the skin and can lift eye makeup faster.

  1. Avoid bad habits when doing makeup

If you really need to use mascara, look for a quality, clump-free product. Also avoid sleeping habits without removing makeup. This can make your eyelashes brittle and thin. Lastly, don’t use expired makeup products. As much as possible, change mascara every three months.

  1. Expand foods rich in minerals and vitamins

Diet can also be a reason for thinning lashes. As you age, the ability of your lashes to grow back also diminishes. Therefore, eat foods that are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to combat thinning lashes.

Maybe this is the only information we can provide about How to Prevent Thinning Eyelashes that you should know, with the information above, it can solve the problem of thinning eyelashes.

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