Planting Eyelashes for Natural Beauty – Now there is an easy way to still look beautiful and charming even though you are lazy to groom, namely by the name of eyelashes. This beauty trend that first appeared in 2007 has never died and is increasingly loved by women today.

Planting Eyelashes for Natural Beauty

Thanks to planting lashes, even when you wake up you will look fresh and beautiful. Really a way out for those of you who are lazy to grooming. No need to spend hours on eye makeup again. However, before planting or extension lashes, you must pay attention to the following 5 things that we have quoted from the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website!

  1. Choose the eyelash material as desired

There are several lash materials that you can choose to embed your lashes, ranging from synthetic polyester, animal hair, or silk fiber. Compared to other materials, eyelashes made from animal hair are the lightest type and do not put extra stress on real lashes.

However, choose the material that suits your wants and needs, because each type of lash can have a different effect after use. There are things that make the eyes look bigger, firmer, or even more seductive.

  1. Check allergy

Do you have allergies? Think about this as well when considering what lash material you want to implant. Do not let because you want the comfort or the best cause disease in yourself.

  1. Size and shape can be changed as needed

Just like cutting hair, before starting the eyelash removal process, every expert will definitely ask what kind of lash style you want. From there, he will adjust the length, width and thickness of the lashes according to the shape of the face, bone structure, and natural lashes.

  1. Check the price

The cost of planting eyelashes is generally relatively expensive. Don’t be easily tempted by offers of discounts or promotions. Try to compare prices across multiple service providers and avoid lashes at a much lower price than the standard price.

If planting lashes in a cheap place with poorly trained personnel, the result will actually damage the original lashes.

  1. Maximize the condition of the original lashes

Before planting your lashes, you have to keep the original lashes healthy. If you feel unwell, do a pre-extension treatment by giving a special moisturizing eyelash serum, at least 3 weeks before the eyelash extension process takes place.

  1. Prepare time

The time for planting lashes takes up to two hours, so before that, prepare yourself to feel at home for long periods of time. After that it is important to ask a professional how to care and clean your eyes while wearing false lashes.

If you have done all the eye planting preparations above, now is the time to get beautiful eyes. You don’t need to overdo it for a long time. Even if you are lazy to dress up, you can look naturally beautiful and maximally.

Visit the Eyelashes Manufacturer Indonesia website to get various kinds of information about beauty, hope it is useful.