Eyelash Care at Home – During the pandemic the new lifestyle requires wearing masks. Our makeup routines are mostly limited to the tops of our faces. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that across the country, appointments for eyelash care are booming.

Eyelash Care at Home

But if visiting a salon isn’t the right choice right now, there’s no need to worry. There are many ways to fake the same lash treatment results at home. So, grab your mascara, serum and curler, and browse through the professional’s best tips for lash care.

  1. Find the right mascara

If extensions aren’t an option, the key is finding the right mascara. “Look for a complete brush for a more fluttery effect that will give you the impression of just trimming your lashes,” says celebrity makeup artist Natalia Thomas as quoted by the Well and Good page. To really increase curl, start with an eyelash curler, then “apply mascara in a back and forth motion to strengthen the roots and pull up the lashes to create lift and separation,” says Thomas.

  1. Use an eyelash conditioner

While products can help you fake longer lashes, it’s also important to keep your natural lashes healthy. “We really feel nourishing lashes is important, just as our bodies need certain vitamins,” says Rochelle Magno, a member of VaultBeauty and owner of The Lash Gallery in NYC, who recommends looking for an over-the-counter growth serum packed with biotin.

  1. Try several sizes of false lashes

If your natural lashes aren’t quite the dramatic effect you want, now is the time to do it. “Strip lashes are a great alternative to mascara, to give a long, voluminous appearance,” says Mago.

And while it can be daunting to implement it yourself, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get it right. “The key to applying false lashes at home is sticking with strips or clusters, use a little glue and make sure the glue sticks from air drying for about 15 to 20 seconds so that adhesion is faster,” says Thomas. “The easiest way to do this is to tilt your chin towards the mirror so that you are looking down the bridge of your nose in the mirror. If you apply it when you look in the mirror, you can see what you are doing when you do it. “

And even if it’s difficult, try to keep your eyes open during the process because closing them will cause “wrinkles in the lash line that will lead to pulling and pinching and an overall uncomfortable lash experience,” says Thomas.

Those are some of the ways you can do eyelash care at home which results are not inferior to salons, in fact you can do anything at home as long as there is a desire to start, don’t be afraid you can follow the guidelines given on social media by reading articles or passing by. video provided by makeup artist on youtube. Maybe this is the only information we can provide, hopefully the information above can help you. Visit eyelashes manufacturer indonesia for more information.